‘Southland Tales’ Trailer Presents World's Greatest Cast in World's Weirdest Movie

The Tagline: "This is how the world ends: not with a whimper but a bang."

The Translation: Did we just hallucinate that whole thing?

The Verdict: Mocked mercilessly at Cannes over a year ago, re-cut, and finally picked up for distribution this year, Richard Kelly's follow-up to Donnie Darko boasts one of the all-time great WTF casts in the history of cinema. Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Rock, and Sean William Scott claim pride of place in this totally whacked-out trailer, but we also get glimpses of Miranda Richardson, Amy Poehler, Mandy Moore, a heavily made-up Wallace Freaking Shawn, the Fug Girls' patron saint Bai Ling, and Justin Timberlake with a gross scar on his face. We have no idea what this movie is about, but we do know that the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game just got a hell of a lot easier. Will we actually go see it? Maybe, or maybe we'll eat some bad oysters and watch our dreams instead.

Southland Tales trailer [Yahoo!]