The Rolling Stones Extract Record-Breaking Amount of Money From Fans

And to celebrate, they've had Charlie Watts miniaturized. Photo: Getty Images

Too Bad They Won't Live Long Enough to Spend It: The Rolling Stones' Bigger Bang tour has been named the most successful rock tour in history by the Guinness Book of World Records, grossing over $437 million. Also, the band members' kids now hold the record for Children Most Excited About Their Imminent Inheritances. [Reuters]

Radiohead Still Jerks: Radiohead are dropping hints about their forthcoming seventh album in coded messages on their Website. Because what better way to thank fans who've patiently waited five years without a new record. [NME]

Justice League Spoilers: According to someone who's read the script, Aquaman will not be a part of the forthcoming Justice League movie. At least that's what we're telling Adrian Grenier. [UGO]

Michel Gondry's New Phone Commercial Vastly Superior to Wes Anderson's New Phone Commercials: It's true! [Film Ick]

"Chicago Writer Wins 'Genius Grant'": The MacArthur Foundation announced the 2007 recipients of their "genius grants," which include short-story writer Stuart Dybek. Don't feel bad — his hometown newspaper has never heard of him either. [Chicago Sun-Times]