Viggo Mortensen to Star in Movie Version of Depressing Book

Photo: Getty Images

Mortensen on The Road: Viggo Mortensen will star in the big-screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Oprah-approved apocalypse novel The Road. [MTV]

Joel to Close Shea Stadium: Billy Joel will play the last show ever at Shea Stadium before it's demolished in 2008, provided he does not try to drive himself to the venue. [Newsday]

Led Zep Announce Reunion: Led Zeppelin have officially announced that they'll set aside their differences to make lots of money. [Reuters]

Harry Potter Moderately Successful: The Harry Potter movies are officially the highest-grossing film franchise of all time, beating out the Star Wars, James Bond, and Police Academy series. [Variety]

Hooray, the Music Industry Is Saved!: To combat the decline in sales of CD singles, the ailing record business will, for around $6, begin selling "ringles" — CD singles with a special code which will allow listeners to download the song they purchased as a ringtone. Thanks, but we'll stick to LimeWire. [Syndicate]