After Internal Investigation, Washington ‘Post’ Admits Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter Liked ‘License to Wed’

Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter. Photo: Getty Images

In a cute Style section piece today, the Washington Post breaks down the "stinkers of summer": The ten worst-reviewed summer movies of 2007, as determined by Rotten Tomatoes. Though the usual suspects appear on the list — Captivity, Evan Almighty, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry — the No. 1 worst-reviewed movie of the summer is, in fact, the Robin Williams vehicle License to Wed.

Which leads the author of the Post piece, William Booth, into a funny parenthetical: "In a courageous act of self-immolation," he admits, "The Washington Post's Stephen Hunter praised 'LTW' as 'highly amusing.'"

We just looked back and, wow, it's true! It's a mixed-positive review that doesn't quite rise to Lawrence Toppman level but is still hideously embarrassing. We praise the Washington Post for their honesty and urge them to go further: Isn't it time for an enormous, Jayson Blair–style investigation to rid the Post of Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter?

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