‘3:10 to Yuma’ vs. ‘Shoot 'Em Up’: Which Movie Will Dudes See This Weekend?

Variety this morning spends a lot of inches speculating on which of this week's two R-rated, guy-centric movies will win the weekend box-office battle. Leaving aside the likelihood that actually Halloween will quite possibly carry over and beat both these poorly marketed September movies — or that The Brothers Solomon will come out of nowhere to take advantage of Kristen Wiig's enormous fanbase — which of these movies has the best shot at gunning down the other and standing over its bullet-riddled corpse?

3:10 to Yuma

Shoot 'Em Up
Genre Classy, gritty Western. Intentionally funny action movie.
Metacritic score 76 55
Critical champion Roger Ebert: "Restores the wounded heart of the Western." Roger Ebert: "The most audacious, implausible, cheerfully offensive, hyperactive action picture I've seen since, oh, Sin City, which in comparison was a chamber drama."
Eye candy Vinessa Shaw. Clive Owen.
Hammy, eeeeevil supporting character Ben Foster's semi-gay killer. Paul Giamatti's totally insane assassin.
Literary forebear Elmore Leonard. "Neill Cumpston" from Ain't It Cool News.
Paul Dergarabedian quote, if it wins "What audiences are really looking for this time of year is a good story." "What audiences are really looking for this time of year is great action, without a lot of story to worry about."
Likelihood that your Vulture editors actually see it Slim. You will have to kill us to keep us away.