Will ‘Kid Nation’ Actually Be Any Good?

Photo: Courtesy of CBS (kid, logo), iStockphoto (fire, bleach)

There's only a day and a few hours till the premiere of CBS's Kid Nation, the show that has parents upset, advertisers nervous, and children drinking bleach and lighting their heads on fire. Finally, a television program that asks 40 kids, ages 8 to 15, to live alone, without food or water, in a booby-trapped New Mexican ghost town filled with tigers and velociraptors (we hope). But will it be any good? Discouragingly, reports indicate that several youngsters have actually survived the taping of the show's first season. Also, CBS has refused to screen Nation for critics, which is usually a telltale sign of a surefire stinker (they are, however, screening the show at elementary schools, likely in an effort to scare disruptive children straight). Still, Vulture is optimistic — we know what we'll be doing tomorrow at 8 p.m. Set your TiVos!

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