Will.I.Am's New Solo Album Unlikely to Be Mistaken for Timbaland

Courtesy of A&M

Will.I.Am, Songs About Girls

Official release date: September 25

We think: As a semi-revered beatmaker and a guy one-third responsible for "My Humps," Will.I.Am has made some pretty talented friends these past few years. So how come none of them are on his new solo album? Only Snoop Dogg guests — though we'd be hard-pressed to think of a single album released in the past year without a Snoop cameo. Why wouldn't JT drop by the studio? Maybe it's because half the tracks on Songs About Girls sound like clumsy "SexyBack" rewrites (seriously, just listen to "Heartbreaker"). Anybody that's been for a ride in Timbaland's spaceship is probably unlikely to get much mileage out of this secondhand Winnebago.