At First Glance, Latest Cover of ‘People’ Promises Much More Than It Can Deliver

Courtesy of People

George Loves Matthew? Sadly, no. [People]

Kid Rock Arrested in Waffle House Brawl: Following his arrest last year in a strip club, he needs only to rob an auto-parts dealership to hit the Blue-Collar-Cred Trifecta. [RS]

Doris Lessing Says 9/11 Attacks "Not So Bad": What is everyone so upset? They didn't give her the Nobel Prize for Well-Reasoned International Commentary. [AP]

Wake Up, Campbell! The Times' estimable Campbell Robertson has achieved delirium while live-blogging all 24 hours of the celebrity 24-Hour Plays. [ArtsBeat/NYT]

Can Veronica Mars save Heroes? Or is the onetime great show doomed? We find out tonight! [Detroit Free Press]

Gotham Award Nominees: The first film awards of the season kick off today with the announcement of the Gotham Award nominations, honoring independent film. Into the Wild and Margot at the Wedding do well. October announcement also suggests that awards ceremonies, like presidential primaries, will forever be creeping earlier and earlier, until inevitably the 2018 Oscars occur before the 2017 ones. [Variety]