Breaking: Stupid Publicity Stunt Forces Evacuation of New Line Cinema Offices

Photo: iStockphoto

The L.A. offices of New Line Cinema were evacuated this afternoon while a bomb squad investigated a suspicious package mailed to the studio. Its contents? A first-person confession letter, written in the voice of a serial killer, and a wooden box. Because of the creepy letter and a weird smell coming from the box, New Line called authorities before opening it. Inside were (obviously fake) severed fingers, and a subsequent reading of the letter revealed the package to be a promotional item for a film project called Whispers, signed by a guy named Vince Newman. IMDb lists a legitimate producer by that name, but this did not appear to be the work of professionals, especially to employees at New Line (the studio responsible for Se7en), who know a thing or two about sending severed body parts through the mail to promote a serial-killer movie.