Brett Ratner to Make Disaster Movie — On Purpose This Time!

Photo: Getty Images

Ratner Remakes Escape: Noted auteur Brett Ratner will replace Len Wiseman at the helm of New Line's remake of Escape From New York. [Ain't It Cool]

RIAA Sues Poor Woman: In the first-ever trial over music piracy, a jury in Minnesota is deciding whether a 30-year-old Duluth woman deliberately downloaded and shared copyrighted songs on her computer. If found guilty, she could owe major record labels millions of dollars, which would be the most money they've made since 2002. [AP]

Cavemen Bombs With Critics: As expected, critics have failed to appreciate the subtle genius of ABC's Cavemen. [Metacritic]

Comedy Central Makes Excellent Decision: Comedy Central has decided not to renew The Showbiz Show With David Spade for a fourth season. [Variety]

Bummer: Comics Funky Winkerbean and For Better or For Worse both killed off main characters yesterday. In related news, Marmaduke shit in the house. [The Comics Curmudgeon]