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Dave Eggers's Next Novel Is Based on ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘?

Courtesy of HarperCollins; Beowulf Sheehan / Retna

Publishers Weekly reports that the Frankfurt Book Fair is abuzz with talk about Dave Eggers's new novel, which apparently quietly sold to Ecco last winter. Ecco, the small, super-literary imprint at Harper, doesn't usually brag about sales potential, usually because most of its books don't have a lot of sales potential. According to PW, though, Ecco chief Dan Halpern is telling everyone at the fair that the book — an adult novel based on Where the Wild Things Are, scheduled to be published in 2008 to coincide with Spike Jonze's movie, for which Eggers co-wrote the screenplay — will be a monster hit, if you'll pardon the expression. "I think it's going to be his biggest book. I think it's going to be huge." We kind of think so, too, so color us pretty excited. Wanna help us read it? Send us the manuscript at

Frankfurt Buzzing on New and Familiar Names [PW]