Doris Lessing Wins Nobel Prize But Doesn't Know It Yet

Shoppers of London: Have you seen this woman? Photo: Getty Images

Doris Lessing, the Zimbabwe-raised, London-based novelist and memoirist, was announced today as the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, presumably setting off a celebration in the offices of HarperCollins, which publishes most of Lessing's backlist as well as her most recent novel, this summer's abysmally reviewed The Cleft. But apparently Lessing herself hasn't had a chance to celebrate; her agent, Jonathan Clowes, told the AP that Lessing was "out shopping" and possibly doesn't even know she won the award.

So if any of Vulture's London-based readers see Doris Lessing bustling about, please share the good news, so she doesn't miss out on Marks & Spencer's Nobel Winner Discount program. Pinter gets his produce for half off!

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