Doug Wright Promises Drag Queens, 10-Year-Olds Will Love ‘The Little Mermaid’

Photo: Getty Images

At last night's Heart On! benefit at the Time Warner Center, we caught up with playwright Doug Wright, who's all finished with last year's little hit musical, Grey Gardens, and is hard at work on this year's gigantic hit musical, the very different Little Mermaid. "Dare I say it's going swimmingly?" he replied, when asked about the Disney show's progress. "It certainly speaks to the 10-year-old girl in me." We've often wondered how the production would pull off mermaids and octopuses onstage, and Wright got us pretty excited for designers George Tsypin and Tatiana Noginova's costumes. "Sherie René Scott's Ursula is absolutely to die for," Wright brags. "She has this amazing wig and this hourglass figure and eight legs so she looks pretty impressive. Her costume is going to be the envy of every drag queen from here to eternity." —Amy Odell

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