Exclusive Set Photos From ‘The Incredible Hulk’ Are Some of the Worst Exclusive Set Photos We've Ever Seen

Spoiler: Part of the movie will take place outside! Photo: Courtesy of superherohype.com

Website Superhero Hype (the most trusted name in ratcheting up excitement over superhero-related things, we guess) has somehow obtained a set of exclusive photos from the top-secret Ontario shoot of Louis Leterrier's upcoming The Incredible Hulk. Only the movie will be mostly CGI so these pictures are pretty much worthless. No shots of Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Christina Cabot, Lou Ferrigno, or Martin Starr? Sorry, spoiler seekers. But there's a smashed car! And a big spotlight! And a movie camera! I think that guy over there might be a grip. Or is it a gaffer? Hey look — a bunch of extras!!! —Spencer Sloan

Exclusive: The Incredible Hulk Set Photos! [Superhero Hype]