Exclusive: There Hasn't Been Any Real Radiohead News in Two Days

Photo: Courtesy of InRainbows.com

Following the release of In Rainbows on the Internet on Wednesday, news about Radiohead and the album seems to have all but dried up. With the band and their management reluctant to disclose sales figures (likely pending the signing of a deal to get Rainbows into retail stores next year), there's not really much to report, but that certainly hasn't stopped every newspaper and blog on the planet from trying. Intermittently reliable Website Gigwise claims "a source close to the band" told them that Rainbows has been downloaded 1.2 million times, which actually sounds low to us, given the amount of publicity, the band's semi-massive global fan base, and the fact that they are, basically, giving it away for free. And according to the results of a completely unreliable Internet survey of just 3,000 fans (many of whom probably lied), the average price paid for the album was £4, or about $8. What do these numbers mean? Nothing! But that really hasn't stopped them from being reported pretty much everywhere. As soon as we hear something concrete, we'll let you know!

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