Frequently Bankrupt Real-Estate Tycoon Working on Intellectually Bankrupt TV Series

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Twice the Trump on TV: Donald Trump is developing a new daytime television show which he says will be like "Dr. Phil meets Judge Judy." In other words, it will be really, really stupid. [HR]

More Daisies: ABC has picked up Pushing Daisies through the rest of this season, because, with the impending writers strike, it's not like they had any other options. [Variety]

Anonymous British Person Gets Satisfaction: An electrical engineer from England judged the Miss Siberia beauty contest, shook hands with Vladimir Putin, and signed over a thousand autographs after being mistaken for a member of the Rolling Stones during a business trip in Russia. [Independent]

No, Really: Radiohead is reportedly close to a deal with ATO Records to distribute the CD version of In Rainbows in the U.S. The price is still up to you, provided you want to pay exactly $13.99. [NYT]

Happy Birthday! Vulture's hero "Weird Al" Yankovic — the all-star pop parodist who has yet to descend into self-parody — is 48 today, and the iPod turns 6 (though not our iPod, as its battery exploded after just two years). [Wikipedia, TUAW]