Ghostface Killah to Sell Hat on eBay

Ghostface Killah has announced plans to sell a hat on eBay, say reports. The rapper describes the hat as "unique" and swears "I've been in front of Halle Berry with this hat, man. Nia Long and all them chicks man. They know what it do!" eBay searches for "Ghostface hat" turned up nothing at press time, but it is presumed that — sometime in the near or distant future — similar searches will, in fact, lead to the much-coveted hat, once the Wu-Tang member has had a chance to take pictures of it with his camera, resize them in Photoshop, and post them on the auction site. There is still no word on the hat's reserve price, and the rapper has not ruled out a "Buy It Now" option. Popular speculation is that he will likely accept payment via PayPal.

Ghostface Sells His Hat on Ebay [Nah Right]