Hollywood Columnists Nikki Finke and Glen Kenny Do Battle in Comments Section of Blog

"I can has credit for ending Eli Roth's career?" Photo: Getty Images (hollywood), iStockphoto (cats)

Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke recently claimed in an interview with Elle magazine to have ended Eli Roth's career. ("I'm not saying I'm solely responsible, but it's been gratifying to see that [torture-porn] movies have gone from doing very well at the box office to doing almost no business.") This prompted Premiere's ever-prickly Glenn Kenny ("The problem with women in Hollywood … might just be that they're in Hollywood") to charge that Finke might be exaggerating her influence just a bit: "When today's Americans decide where they're going to spend their moviegoing dollars, the first thing they take into consideration is Nikki Finke's finely calibrated sense of outrage."

The two have now directly engaged in the comments section of Kenny's post, and the results aren't pretty.


"Didn't your dumb-ass movie magazine go out of business in the U.S. because a) it sucked, and b) it sucked up to Hollywood so pathetically that even the movie biz lost respect for it?"

"Say, are you ready to file that Ovitz piece yet? When did we assign it to you —1997?"

"I did file it — 15,000 words about Ovitz leaving Disney. And your magazine told me it couldn't run because it told the truth."

Colonel Jessep would be proud. —Matthew Dessem