‘I Am Legend’ the Feel-Good Movie of the Year?

Tagline: "In 5 years, mankind's struggle for survival will be lost."

Translation: Great! Maybe the line will be shorter at Duane Reade!

The Verdict: Sure, I Am Legend is a horror movie about the last-surviving human in a postapocalyptic Manhattan — but what person living in this city hasn't, at one time or another, wondered what New York would be like without all the annoying New Yorkers? We do it every time we get on the subway! Granted, in Legend, Will Smith has hordes of roving vampires to contend with, but can they really be any worse than the people who ride the 6 train at rush hour? Even after Armageddon, we doubt we'd be able to get a table at Masa or find a decent studio for under $2,000, but it does look like Smith is able to move freely about midtown during the daylight hours, and that's always been a fantasy of ours, particularly on Saturdays. Vulture predicts I Am Legend will be the feel-good hit of the holiday season!