J.J. Abrams Announces Plans to Surprise Us At a Later Date

Despite our repeated appeals to J.J. Abrams to just give us another damn Cloverfield trailer already, it looks like he's sticking with this viral-marketing baloney. Our friends over at Cloverfield Clues found this new video on JamieAndTeddy.com, in which Jamie receives a gift from Teddy that she can't open until December 9. They speculate that this will be the day Abrams releases a new trailer or reveals the film's actual title.

J.J., we already know how the movie ends — just give us a trailer or tell us what the movie's about. Ever since Radiohead turned the world upside down on Sunday night by giving us a real surprise, this nonsense doesn't cut it anymore. We've got surprise fatigue!

JamieAndTeddy Video #2 - The Gift [Cloverfield Clues]
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