Owen Wilson's First Post-Suicide-Attempt Interview Solidifies Actor's Stance on Monkeys

To promote the wide release of The Darjeeling Limited over the weekend, Owen Wilson granted his first post-suicide-attempt interview to the film's director Wes Anderson. Posted on MySpace on Friday night, the Q&A steers clear of Wilson's personal crisis and instead focuses on pertinent topics like India, monkeys, and malaria pills. ABC News is calling it "image control" and Wilson's attempt to "cut out the pesky journalist," and Deadline Hollywood Daily is declaring more typical Barbara Walters–style tell-all interviews "obsolete." But mostly the video is a semi-charming ad for The Darjeeling Limited that will one day make a pretty skippable extra on the DVD.

We've just got one question: Given that Darjeeling's marketing has now included this interview and Natalie Portman's first-ever nude scene, shouldn't it have made more than $6 million at the box office?

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