Weekend Box Office: Paul Dergarabedian Can Count in Roman Numerals

Photo: Courtesy of IFC Films

With another weekend of vaguely disappointing box-office numbers behind us, we turn as always to the sage of our time, Paul Dergarabedian, and ask him to use his years of Hollywood experience and insider knowledge of the movie business to tell us what is foretold by the $32.1 million success of Lionsgate's Saw IV:

"I would expect to see 'Saw V' next year, 'Saw VI' the year after that and 'Saw VII' the following year if they can keep it up," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office tracker Media By Numbers.

Yes, Paul Dergarabedian, that does show a keen grasp of the inner workings of Tinseltown. The success of Saw IV may well mean future installments in the Saw series! But surely, you have more to say about what this means for society in general, right?

"I don't know what that says about society in general, but it certainly works at the box office."

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