Radiohead Discover Innovative Way to Sell Music Without Beefing With Kanye West

"Okay, guys, who put the piano in front of the refrigerator?" Photo:

Last night on their blog, Radiohead announced the details of their forthcoming seventh album In Rainbows, which will be released digitally on October 10 — ten more days! — via their Website. They're taking preorders now and payment is optional, which pretty much makes it free. For anyone with some British pounds lying around, though, the record can be purchased on double-vinyl, with bonus CDs and artwork included, for the high price of £40 ($82). And since (for the time being, at least) they're putting out Rainbows without a label, all that money goes directly to the band. So there is a way to make money on recorded music without suing grandmothers and 12-year-olds! Hell, we just paid $82 for an album we've yet to hear, and we haven't bought a CD since 2002!

Sort of takes the shine off that surprise Jay-Z album, doesn't it?

In Rainbows [Dead Air Space]