‘Rambo’: So Ridiculous We Are Forced to Make Up a New Word to Describe It

Tagline: "Live for nothing, or die for something."

Translation: Rambo: Now with 30 percent more Relevance™!

The Verdict: This time around, John Rambo isn't winning Vietnam. He's rescuing humanitarian aid workers in war-torn Burma. Because this is a legitimate trailer, there's a lot less in the way of blood, bowels, and head-punching-off than in the preview Sly Stallone sent to Ain't It Cool News this summer. Because there's less of all that stuff, the trailer feels too heavily weighted toward pseudo-relevance — and cobras. What's with all the cobras? And what is that hilarious song about cobras that's playing during the scene with all the cobras? And how did John Rambo get all those collagen injections in the middle of the jungle? Okay, whatever, this movie is clearly going to be awefulsome.

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