Regina Spektor Reveals Secret Recording Techniques

A sequin-less Spektor performing this past August Maryland. Photo: Getty Images

The invariably-described-as-“quirky” charmer Regina Spektor might not be a pop superstar, but she's got rabid fans ranging from already jaded tweens who wouldn’t be caught dead listening to Hannah Montana to jaded thirtysomethings who aren't aware Hannah Montana exists. How'd this come about? Last night's capacity crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom got wind of her techniques. “This is how my records get made,” Spektor said during a botched version of “Human of the Year.” “A lot of screaming ‘fuck.’” When she flubbed lyrics or notes — as she did throughout the night — she really did issue flurries of curse words. Her acolytes, though, were more charmed than alarmed. There were some transporting moments — the entirety, really, of her mini-hit “On the Radio” and the oldie “Baby Jesus.” And she shined in more ways than one: Can you say gold sequins? —Michael D. Ayers