Reilly vs. Silverman vs. McPherson: The Battle of the Century Happens Today

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Today's the big day! At the Hollywood Radio & Television Society's Network Chiefs Summit, NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman will finally face off against the man he replaced, Fox's Kevin Reilly, and the man who called him out as a backstabber, ABC's Steve McPherson, on a public stage.

Will Reilly rail against Silverman or thank him for getting him from the network of Chuck to the network of American Idol? Will McPherson tell off Silverman to his face? Will a bionically enhanced Silverman sink his titanium-plated teeth into his rivals' necks? Will CBS's Nina Tassler or the CW's Dawn Ostroff do anything interesting in comparison? A nation waits with bated breath!

Making 'Em Sweat [B&C]

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