Seventh Season of ‘24’ Looks Torture-riffic!

Tagline: "Do whatever it takes — torture him if you have to."

Translation: Okay!

The Verdict: After a disappointing season of shark-jumping absurdity, Jack Bauer returns in January — with more shark-jumping absurdity! The seventh season opens with Bauer on trial for torture, but once Congress wrap their thick, pinko skulls around the fact that he saved children, it's counterterrorism as usual for everybody's favorite federal agent. But now, with C.T.U. dissolved, Bauer's on his own in Washington D.C. instead of L.A. Oh, and Tony Almeida is back, and not only is he not dead, he's a terrorist! And, dammit, if infrastructure — infrastructure! — is at stake, then Jack Bauer will torture him, gladly. It looks ridiculous, but we'd be lying if we said we hadn't already set our TiVos.