So What Was ‘Swimfan’ Doing in ‘Tell Me You Love Me,’ Anyway?

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox, HBO

Many viewers of last night's episode of Tell Me You Love Me might have wondered, as did our recapper, why, of all the movies that might have been used to illustrate preteen Isabella's awkward introduction to movie sex, the show chose 2002 Erika Christensen flop Swimfan. We think we know! Swimfan's original title, it turns out, was … Tell Me You Love Me. In fact, if you search for "tell me you love me" in IMDb, Swimfan is still the first response that appears, with HBO's show tucked beneath it. We think maybe the choice of Swimfan for that scene might be a wry, sad inside joke on the part of Tell Me You Love Me's producers about how few people are watching their series.

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