Stephen Colbert Announces His Candidacy for President of Our Hearts

Photo: WireImage

Presidentiness: Like fellow cartoon characters Snoopy, Bill the Cat, and Uncle Duke before him, Stephen Colbert announces his candidacy for president. [AP]

Nas's Record Company Not Pleased: After rapper Nas announces to a crowd at Roseland Ballroom that his new album will be called Nigga, Def Jam denies the claim. "How would that look at Wal-Mart?" Antonio "L.A." Reid actually said out loud. [Fox News]

Starter Wife Not Finished: USA places a series order for The Starter Wife after the Debra Messing miniseries scored big ratings for the cable net this summer. Somewhere, Brian Grazer's hair just burst into flames. [HR]

Evil Dead May Return: In an interview, Sam Raimi says he and Bruce Campbell are considering another Evil Dead movie, if Campbell can find the time between shooting Old Spice commercials. Buckle up, boneheads, 'cause we're goin' for a ride! [MTV]

Enright Upsets McEwan for Booker: Irish novelist Anne Enright wins the Man Booker Prize for The Gathering, upsetting favorite Ian McEwan and ruining On Chesil Beach's chances for becoming the first novel ever to win the Booker and the Literary Review Bad Sex Prize in the same year. [NYT]