The Go! Team Bring Jazzercise Back

"Can I get … an extra measure of terrycloth!"Photo: Elizabeth Cline

If kitschy Brighton group the Go! Team ever had a hard time translating their sample-happy sound live, it was hard to imagine at Friday night’s sold-out Bowery Ballroom show. Front woman Ninja Jazzercised across the stage in pink terrycloth and rainbow leg warmers, rallying the crowd with old-school admonishments like “let me hear all my laaaadies,” while the rest of the band constantly switched instruments, bounding through a set list that neglected not one of the anthems from last month’s pastiche-pop album Proof of Youth. The pep-rally vibe came not a moment too soon. Seven-piece opening act Effi Briest evinced a different kind of high-school hallmark: the ill-practiced marching band. “You’re ruining music,” someone standing near the bar mumbled. If they were, the Go! Team brought it back from the brink. —Elizabeth Cline