This Headline Completely Misrepresents David Cross's Feelings About His ‘Arrested Development’ Co-Stars

David Cross at last night's party, just before he
totally shit-talked everybody.Photo: WireImage

At last night’s after-party for Broadway’s benefit performance of the 24 Hour Plays, David Cross got to talking about his time on the dearly missed Arrested Development. (We may have coaxed him into it.) What was it like working with Arrested co-star Jessica Walter? “That was a roller coaster of emotions,” Cross told us. “Some days were good, some days were absolutely terrible; other days were only moderately terrible.” What was the problem? Did she think too much of herself? “No no no … she’s not egotistical at all.” Then what was it? “You tell me. Fill in the blank,” Cross offered. But surely Cross didn’t want us making false inferences? “Well, that’s going to happen invariably. I have been burned so many motherfuckin’ times. Write from the transcript!” After recovering from Cross’s assault on our profession, we pressed him for more easily manipulatable quotes on the ingenious Ms. Walter. Apparently, the sexagenarian actress “didn’t share the same ethos that many of us on the set shared … of ‘let’s have fun and let’s goof around.’” He added, “I respect — that’s not the right word — I understand that she came from a different world.” So you have no respect for Jessica Walter, David Cross!? “I respect her as a person. But that kind of way to work” — what, professionally, dickhead?! — “I don’t work like that.” Our time with Cross was coming to a close. “Please don’t make me look like an asshole," he said. "I gave you enough stuff to cut and paste." That you did, David, that you did. —Ben Kawaller

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