Vin Diesel Terminates What Little Hope We Had for New ‘Terminator’ Movie

Photo: Getty Images

Diesel to Be More Robotic Than Usual: Producers of the upcoming fourth Terminator movie are going to great lengths to ensure that there will never be a fifth Terminator movie by casting Vin Diesel as Arnold Schwarzenegger's replacement. [Guardian]

Cavemen a Success! Despite bad reviews from everyone besides Vulture, Cavemen is pulling in big ratings. [Buddy TV]

Transformers 2 Coming Soon! Steven Spielberg is apparently putting a rush on Transformers 2 and says the screenplay will be completed by this week. Also, it will be released in ten days. [CHUD]

Britney's New Album to Flop Sooner Than Expected: The release of Britney Spears's new album, Blackout, has been pushed forward a week to October 30. [People]

More Fish? Ghostface Killah announced today that he has a new album due on December 4, to coincide with the release of Wu-Tang Clan's 8 Diagrams. In a related story, there's no way that this will actually happen. [Idolator]