Week In Review: We Paid Radiohead Not in Money But in Blog Posts

Photo: Photos: Sony Pictures Classics (Law); Getty Images (Satrapi); 20th Century Fox (Buffy); inrainbows.com (Radiohead)

Looking back on a week in which our co-workers were revealed as the Ideal Radiohead Consumers

So, yeah, that album came out. But what about Britney?

Marjane Satrapi hates Usher. We hate labor unrest. Thomas Short hates the Writers Guild. The Office fans hate injustice. Manohla Dargis hates this weekend's movies. PJ Harvey hates delegating. Fox hates fun. And David Milch hates everybody.

On the other hand, the Kid Nation kids love root beer. And — thank God — Jimmy McNulty finally loves something stronger again.

Good grief! See you next week.