What Project Are Stephen Baldwin, Big Pussy, and Lennox Lewis Working on Together?

Photo: Photos: Getty Images

Last night's after-party at Bond 45 for opening night of Chazz Palminteri's one-man show, A Bronx Tale, was attended by the heavily cologned crowd you'd expect: Sopranos alumni, eye-talian Americans, and proudly outer-borough types like Fran Drescher and Rocco DiSpirito. But holy pignoli, what were Stephen Baldwin, Vincent Pastore, and Lennox Lewis doing arriving practically hand in hand for photographers? "How do you all know each other?" we asked. "We're doing a project together," said Pastore, making a beeline for the pasta-and-tiramisu buffet. "Can't talk about it." It's probably some Surreal Life ripoff, but what if it's a revival of Peer Gynt? Big Pussy, a heavyweight champ, and that Baldwin from Threesome: What do they talk about? Do they have sleepovers and play Halo 3 and talk all night about Eat, Pray, Love? Drop us a tip or indulge in a little unwarranted speculation in our comments! —Justin Ravitz