Writers Guild Strike Means Next Year's Movies Could Make Even Less Sense Than This Year's

. Photo: Getty Images

With the seemingly inevitable Writers Guild strike set to immobilize the TV and movie industries on November 1, Hollywood's screenwriters are scrambling to complete work on scripts before their contract expires next Wednesday, the L.A. Times hilariously reports. With screenplays for films like Wolverine, Da Vinci Code prequel Angels and Demons, and Night at the Museum 2 still not done, studios are panicking (even though that last one shouldn't be too hard).

WGA strike rules will apparently make it next to impossible to shoot movies without writers, as studios won't be allowed to make any last-minute changes like "finessing dialogue to suit an actor, changing stage directions because a location got rained out, or even changing a beverage from Coke to vitamin water because the proper product clearance couldn't be secured." So next year, look for typo-ridden dialogue, endings as abrupt as the Sopranos finale, and the 2009 Oscar for Best Screenplay going to whichever film wasn't written on a napkin.

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