Argentine Actors' Strike Means No More Telenovelas

Truth be told, we were finally making peace with the writers' strike. Sure, many of our favorite shows will probably be in reruns until 2017, but that just meant we had to hunt around a little more for our televised entertainment. But now comes word that Argentine television actors have started picketing their producers in the hopes of getting better working hours — which means no more telenovelas for the foreseeable future! What the hell are we supposed to do now? While we have nothing but sympathy for the actors who have to put up with long days in order to meet the demands of the daily production cycle, we're already jonesing for the next installment of Patito Feo. Not being able to speak Spanish, we suppose we won't actually be able to tell when we're watching a repeat — but we'll probably feel it in our hearts. —Matthew Perpetua

Argentina's TV Strike Continues [Variety]