Comic-Book Artist Rob Liefeld's Most Dubious Achievements

Now that you mention it, that gun a little large! Photo: Courtesy of Progressive Boink

Back in the early nineties, Rob Liefeld was one of the most popular artists in comics, and his distinct style fueled the wrong-headed "Hey, this might be worth a lot of money someday!" market that led to the most spectacular boom and bust in the history of the comic-book industry. The thing is, though — the dude could barely draw! Sure, you can make a contrarian argument that his work both rejected and parodied the pedantic "realism" of contemporary comic-book art and that he was a revolutionary genius for moving toward a peculiar blend of abstraction and caricature that tapped directly into the psyches of a generation of hyperactive little boys. But c'mon, let's be real: Any academically interesting thing the man ever did was entirely accidental, and his work is hilariously awful. To illustrate this point, the guys at Progressive Boink have compiled a list of the 40 worst drawings of Liefeld's career, complete with amusing commentary on his most galling and inexplicable etchings. Be prepared for some truly exasperating depictions of the human form, machine guns the size of city buses, and a mystifying drawing of Spider-Man with the hindquarters of a dog. —Matthew Perpetua

The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings [Progressive Boink]