Crispin Glover Invites You to Creepiest Thanksgiving Celebration Ever

Photo: Getty Images

"I'll be at the IFC Center for a week, including Thanksgiving night, so if people are lonely I hope they'll come celebrate Thanksgiving with me." Crispin Glover, who'll be showing his new film, It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine!, next week [TONY]

"We believe that the Pilgrims and Indians had this nice meal together, but it's a lie. People were slaughtered." Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight on why he hates Thanksgiving [StarPulse]

"You have to be a low-class, scumbag to start calling a woman a name. If you're a man, you should never. You should be a gentleman." Fabio, offering some advice to George Clooney, who allegedly exchanged harsh words with a woman at a charity dinner in L.A. [OK!]

"Even my personal trainer was telling me his business is suffering. People who were buying 20 sessions are now only buying 10 or 5." My Name Is Earl actress Nadine Velazquez on the alarming effects the writers' strike is having on Hollywood [TV Guide]

"You called me a pussy, but that's okay, I am a pussy!" —Author Joshua Ferris at the National Book Award Ceremony [Gawker]