Extreme Gets Back Together, Every Living Band Now Officially United

This was considered very attractive in 1992. Photo: Retna

Great news, everyone! Eighties hair-metal gods Extreme are reuniting for a tour and their first album in thirteen years! This makes it official: Every living band that has ever existed is now in a state of blissful, lucrative unity and currently on tour! Frankly, this comes as a relief since we were concerned that singer Gary Cherone was still too busy living down his embarrassing stint with Van Halen to make time for his old band, and it certainly looked like Nuno Bettencourt had his hands full rocking out with Perry Farrell's Satellite Party. Luckily, everything worked out, though, and the band should be hitting the recording studio shortly. (Sadly, there's no word yet on how many songs on the new album will be "More Than Words.")

So why did they get back together after all these years? We'll let Bettencourt field that one. "We realized, not only are the people starved for rock and roll, so are we," he tells Billboard. "Let's eat." Amen!

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