Filmmaker Chris Vincze Shoots Backward in ‘Evol’

Shooting backward might be one of the oldest tricks in the book (at least as old as Top Secret!), but in the right filmmaker's hands, it can still work beautifully. Chris Vincze's short Evol is one of the most delightful reinventions of the timeworn cinematic technique we've seen in a long time. In a world where everyone on the street walks in reverse, one man plods mournfully along, trying to walk forward, unable to fit in. His eye catches a beautiful woman sitting at a nearby café, and we're off. The very simplicity of the concept is part of its charm, helped by the fact that Vincze doesn't try to hide the secret of his technique. We're expecting more and more great things from Chris Vincze. Check out his other films here. —Bilge Ebiri