Gogol Bordello Cross Genres, Cross-Dress

Photo: Josh Gosfield

As the credited inventor of gypsy punk, Gogol Bordello front man Euguene Hutz can typically be counted on to deliver an interesting set, and at Saturday night's sold-out show at Terminal 5, well, he did. Sinewy, with characteristic manic energy and onstage ad hoc wardrobe adjusting, Hutz led his polyglot band on a tuneful rampage — a rowdy fusion of dub, flamenco, Russian folk, and Italian tarantella — climaxing in a 30-minute encore that leaned hard on the band's recent fourth album Super-Taranta, as well as dub anthem "Undestructible," a song catchy enough to transcend its English-as-a-second-language title.

An in-demand actor — he starred in the film adaptation of Everything is Illuminated and plays a semi-fictionalized version of himself in Madonna's forthcoming directorial debut Filth and Wisdom — Hutz has charisma to burn, which he did with the public debut of his new persona, his female alter ego, a sort of she-devil in a long red wig and orange spike heels. It's a side of himself he explores in the Madonna movie, and one Hutz fans can only hope is a passing phase. It looks all wrong with his handlebar mustache. —Camille Sweeney