Lisa Edelstein Vows to End Writers' Strike With Her Boobs

Photo: Getty Images

"I'm all for Cuddy having sex sometime this season, so honk if you want to see my boobs." Lisa Edelstein, hopeful that the prospect of her character sleeping with House will bring an end to the writers' strike [TV Guide]

"If you paid more than $20 on Craigslist you are a sucker, because it's going to be on TV for free in a few weeks." Tina Fey to audience members who attended Monday night's live performance of an upcoming 30 Rock episode at the UCB Theatre [HuffPo]

"The Bible says, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' And you know, there's a Scientology principle: 'Do not create experiences for others that they cannot comfortably perceive.'"Will Smith on why there will not be a sequel to Wild Wild West [HuffPo]

"It won't happen again, though. Peeing is now one of my rituals before going onstage." Fergie on how she hopes to avoid peeing her pants onstage in the future [OK!]

"I'm 30 years old and Irish." August Rush star Jonathan Rhys Meyers on why he won't stop drinking [Starpulse]
—Matt Demblowski