Will the 2009 Season of ‘Lost’ Be Even Longer and More Confusing Than Usual?

Locke stares into an empty day planner. Photo: Courtesy of ABC

According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, there's a chance that Lost may not return to the airwaves until the fall of 2008 — or even worse, February 2009! — should the WGA strike should continue into the new year. So far, we've been giving the WGA the benefit of the doubt, but this is exactly the sort of thing that could turn us against them! It already seems like it's been a million years since the end of the third season in May, and the wait until the scheduled season premiere in February 2008 was already throwing Lost fans into feverish fits of withdrawal. If ABC opts to hold new episodes until 2009, the fourth season may run as a long, confusing block of 24 consecutive shows just like, er, 24, but the interminable wait will surely leave the majority of non-obsessive fans deeply confused by the show's elaborate mythology after a year or more off the air. This is totally awful! Don't do this to us, WGA! —Matthew Perpetua

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