Fourth Season of ‘Lost’ to Feature World's Most Annoying Cliffhanger

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Against the wishes of the show's writing staff, ABC is planning to run the first eight episodes of Lost's fourth season in February as originally planned. While this may come as a relief to fans freaked out by the possibility of the series not returning to the airwaves until 2009, co-creator Damon Lindelof insists that running the completed episodes will be torturous for the audience since the eighth episode ends on a cliffhanger intended to lead into the next week's episode and offers nothing in the way of resolution for the season's plot. So basically, unless the WGA strike is resolved very soon, we can all look forward to forgetting most of details of the show's elaborate mythology and being even more confused than usual whenever the rest of the season is ready to air, which according to Lindelof, may not be for another year. —Matthew Perpetua

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