Matthew Dear, Fidel Castro Make Drag Pirate Dance

Man, Kiss really need to throw in the towel. Photo: Elizabeth Cline

Matthew Dear is a Detroit hipster-dance pioneer, and as such, his shows aren't what we would call visually dazzling. Reproducing songs off his recent, vocals-heavy disc Asa Breed at Studio B's Ghostly-DFA Bash last night, Dear spun the usual knobs and poked predictably at his laptop but also played the cool, sexy front man up at the microphone. Of course, one thing set this Halloween show apart from the rest of his tour: costumes! Dear took the stage in a black suit, white and turquoise face paint, and peacock feathers on his wrists and back. His bass player wore army fatigues, shades, a beard, and white face paint (he might've been Castro). Their getups weren't the only ones giving the dizzying, goth-y music its charge: Dressed-up audience members — a swooning Marie Antoinette in the front row, a pirate in drag — sent the dance floor spiraling even deeper into blissful weirdness. —Elizabeth Cline