New ‘Lost’ Webisode Is Kind of a Snooze

In what could be an attempt to downplay audience expectations for the forthcoming return of Lost in February, ABC has started streaming brief "webisodes" containing all-new footage so incredibly dull and inessential that it seems designed to make hard-core fans question whether they really care if the series ends up stuck on a year-long hiatus halfway through its new season. In the first clip to run on the network's site, island leader Jack has a flashback to a conversation with his creepy alcoholic dad on his wedding day and is given a watch that's been in the family for generations. And … well, that's it. Unless you were desperate for some new footage of Matthew Fox emoting on a beach, you're totally out of luck. The wait until February doesn't seem so long now, huh? —Matthew Perpetua

Lost - Missing Pieces []
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