Picketing Writers Come Up With Best Strike Chant Yet

Writers picket the set of yesterday. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

"We write the story-a, Eva Longoria." Striking writers picketing near the set of Desperate Housewives [MSNBC]

"[I]f De Niro had taken the role, he probably would have really put on the pounds. Compared to him, I guess I'm just a hack." Paul Giamatti, admitting he kind of half-assed the role of Santa in Fred Claus [Parade]

"They finally fired him? Fuck! I was saying forever, 'He doesn't speak English, doesn't anyone see that as a problem?'" Timothy Olyphant on the firing of Hitman director, Xavier Gens [ComingSoon.net]

"It's a really beautiful love story between the two girls; it's not a one-way ticket to the Isle of Lesbos." —Director John Maybury on the upcoming Sienna Miller–Keira Knightley collaboration, The Edge of Love [Eonline]

"It's the big joke on my set. Everyone on Carpoolers refers to me as 'Stamos.'" Jerry O'Connell on how hilarious it is to be married to Uncle Jesse's ex-wife [USAT]
—Matt Demblowski