‘Project Runway’ Scores a Touchdown With New York Giant Michael Strahan

Photo: Getty Images

None of the famous fashionistas we talked to last night at the star-studded charity sample sale Seventh on Sale had seen Wednesday night's Project Runway season premiere — but the one football player there had. "I watch that show every week and I love it. It's my favorite show," said New York Giant's defensive end Michael Strahan. "I feel bad that after the first show someone has to go home," he continued. "But that dress was pretty weak." (He was referring to Simone's ugly gray yellow-banded Empire-waist number and, for the record, we couldn't agree more.)

Strahan predicts the 21-year-old Christian will be a good contestant. "You know the outfit … with the plaid and the black ruffles?" he said. "I really thought it was different than what everybody else made." We had no idea Strahan was such a discerning critic of womenswear. "Well, when you love to shop for your lady, you want your lady to look nice, you better understand what she likes," he said. "And Project Runway all the way." Amen. —Amy Odell

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