Radiohead Angle for YouTube Fame With Their New Viral Hit ‘Head in a Box’

Radiohead furthered their status as the world's most Internet-savvy band on Friday night with a video Webcast streamed on their official site. Obviously clips flooded YouTube immediately, including ones of the band goofing around, D.J.-ing their favorite songs, performing tracks from In Rainbows, and covering New Order, Björk, and the Smiths. Surprisingly, most of the footage is actually very funny for such a typically dour band (although maybe it's not too surprising, as they're now filthy rich and probably in great spirits). Most videos are available over at Stereogum, but our favorites are the manic, spazzy take of "Bodysnatchers" — played before they vacate the studio and an unseen commentator mocks them while they mill about in a living room — and the above takeoff on David Fincher's serial-killer comedy Se7en, in which Thom Yorke's severed head replaces Gwyneth's in the box at the film's end. Enjoy!

Radiohead TV [Stereogum]
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