‘Righteous Kill’ Trailer: Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Make Faces at Each Other

Tagline: "Two screen legends starring together as never before."

Translation: Welcome to the De Niro–Pacino all-you-can-eat scenery buffet!

The Verdict: This new trailer for the forthcoming cop drama finds Robert De Niro and Al Pacino indulging in the tics that launched a million terrible impressions but holds back from revealing what will no doubt be the most devastating onslaught of barks, grimaces, growls, and manic, wide-eyed stares in movie history (they co-starred in 1995's Heat but only had one scene together). To compensate for the relatively restrained footage, the soundtrack ratchets up the angst with the anti-Christian favorite "Heresy" by Nine Inch Nails, nearly drowning out boilerplate cop-movie dialogue like "Show me a cop without a lot of anger — I've got a lot of anger!" —Matthew Perpetua